nitzer ebb update

During the recent Ebb euro travels, there were many questions (and rumours) regarding the progress of Ebb projects. Here’s the situation as of this morning.

The New Album:

Production is basically complete. There’s a couple of small items to finalise on two or three songs, but it’s basically there. Flood has voiced his desire to mix it, as always with Himself there is a question of availability. September is looking good for Flood right now. In the meantime, John O has been mixing as we complete work on songs.  We’ll have to see how the schedule works out.

The New Record Label:

We are still in negotiation with various interested parties. Some very promising offers, and more coming in daily. Contrary to several rumours we have not signed with anyone as yet.

The Documentary:

The documentary has been a bit delayed, for various reasons. We are meeting potential collaborators in the LA area to continue, and complete this project. 

Release Date:

It seems reasonable to expect that the Album and Documentary will be complete before the end of 2008. Release date to follow as soon as schedule permits.

That’s the situation as it stands right now. More news as it happens.



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