today in LA part 02

So, … I’m in a cafe chasing ghosts.

A madman appears @ the window. 

He has unkempt hair, a radical beard, and shit and sweat stains on all items of his clothing.

He is clearly a “madman”.

He walks up to this cafe and proceeds to “groom” himself, table by table.

Clearly this is “against the rules”.

He is asked to leave, (not just the cafe, but the entire vicinity)

The customers were “disgusted” and “uncomfortable”.

He (the Madman), leaves – very angry.

He proceeds to step boldly into the rush hour traffic (mere paces from a pedestrian crossing) on Sunset Blvd on a Friday evening – Certain Death by Rush Hour  Traffic- (CDxRHT- check it-wicked).

Each and every vehicle stopped by way of emergency.

Some drivers even laid down their hand held communication devices.

He “invented” the rules by taking a single step.

So he did.


Making up the rules as they go along.

You could take over the entire world on that principle.




I’ll bet anyone that the “madman” I watched today served in Vietnam. 

I’ll just bet you.



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