today in LA part 03

This is Hollywood.

An “Art Lover” Who I know (and love) is working on a project.

This, I repeat, is Hollywood.

The project involves several mannequins, (IE: dummies)

There is a homeless man who “lives” outside of the studio.

He bides his time by writing  “Art Is Magic”, on the sidewalk

And drawing pictures on it. 

He “lives” outside of this studio;

He is dubbed “Outside Dan” by a kind hearted Chicago Native.

They feed him, these foolish “art lovers”

Hours pass, the mannequins are left unattended in an alley.

“Outside Dan” does what clearly needs to be done.

He draws on them.

“Art is magic”

A small part of Hollywood is upset.. (before they get distracted by an OMG!! iPhone moment.)

Certain parties are “revolted” because the dummies were not Outside Dan’s “property”

Other parties” argued the toss….

“ART IS MAGIC” Someone squeaked…..

“SO LET HIM BE!!!!!” (that same entity piped up, clearly overheating for the right reasons)

Outside Dan’s Dummies remain utterly priceless, in the midst of???

Well, anwyay, That was Friday here in LALA.

BTW: “She”  won by a knockout, (“my” art lover).

And Hollywood won more than it will ever know.


ART  IS MAGIC!!!!!!!

Yes it IS.








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