rotating ears

Double late on this one. Better late than never. J.C. has been on the front line again.

24 is the new 65.

Here goes.

Foals – Norwich UEA
I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting too old for this shit! At 24, I was clearly one of the oldest people here. Oh well, as this is as close as I’ve been to university life for a while, I’ll have a pint of snakebite please barkeep!
So what about Foals then? Well they were surrounded by such a ridiculous tidal wave of hype when they first emerged that you kind of felt the only way was down. The acid test was always going to be a year or so down the line. To be fair they’ve done well, they’ve played here, there and everywhere. Raves, festivals, tours, they have a broad appeal. Big hitters ‘Cassius’ and ‘Balloon’ spark near-riotous scenes, and just seem to command you to jump around like a loon. Although I didn’t. Too old! But I think the more tender ‘Red Socks Pugie’ is their best song by a mile, just makes your hair stand on end when played live, and reminds you why you drove for nearly two hours (on a schoolnight!) to see some guys with guitars. ‘Olympic Airways’ has a similar charm, and its out today kids!
If I had one criticism, it would be that some of their songs are a little bit samey, but there’s more than enough here to keep my interest. I actually can’t wait to see them again after they’ve finished the follow-up to ‘Antidotes’. I read that they’re considering re-locating to Hawaii to write and record it: “We thought Hawaii because we want to enjoy ourselves and we are great believers in the environment around you having an effect on the kind of music you make,” Nice work if you can get it!

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