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Posted in preTea on November 16, 2008 by bonharris

Playing the instruments this morning with stinging eyes. Light is very strange through the smoke filter here in LA this morning. Expecting all kinds of sinus havoc later today. Not a good day to go walking, cycling or anything else outside, owing to smoke inhalation.  

Nothing to do with climate change though.

No Sir!

All A-OK on that front.

And up in flames she goes.


vital signs

Posted in preTea on October 22, 2008 by bonharris

Yes. Still here or hereabouts. Up to the peepers in scoring, and glad handing/business shuffle. Avoiding witnessing the “leaders of the free world” strangling the democratic process, whilst drowning it in a vat of it’s own excretion, has also been time consuming. 

In the end I chose cassettes.

Audio Cassettes.

I have a box of them from when the iWalkman came out. Even more remarkably, I have a device that still plays them. Quite amusing looking at the prices they used to fetch when it was current tech. 

They probably still beat the piss out of yer average mp3 though.

They absolutely beat the piss out of watching the “leaders of the free world” strangle etc. etc. etc.

Back to the music for me.

More soon.

today in LA part 03

Posted in preTea on September 5, 2008 by bonharris

This is Hollywood.

An “Art Lover” Who I know (and love) is working on a project.

This, I repeat, is Hollywood.

The project involves several mannequins, (IE: dummies)

There is a homeless man who “lives” outside of the studio.

He bides his time by writing  “Art Is Magic”, on the sidewalk

And drawing pictures on it. 

He “lives” outside of this studio;

He is dubbed “Outside Dan” by a kind hearted Chicago Native.

They feed him, these foolish “art lovers”

Hours pass, the mannequins are left unattended in an alley.

“Outside Dan” does what clearly needs to be done.

He draws on them.

“Art is magic”

A small part of Hollywood is upset.. (before they get distracted by an OMG!! iPhone moment.)

Certain parties are “revolted” because the dummies were not Outside Dan’s “property”

Other parties” argued the toss….

“ART IS MAGIC” Someone squeaked…..

“SO LET HIM BE!!!!!” (that same entity piped up, clearly overheating for the right reasons)

Outside Dan’s Dummies remain utterly priceless, in the midst of???

Well, anwyay, That was Friday here in LALA.

BTW: “She”  won by a knockout, (“my” art lover).

And Hollywood won more than it will ever know.


ART  IS MAGIC!!!!!!!

Yes it IS.







today in LA part 02

Posted in preTea on September 5, 2008 by bonharris

So, … I’m in a cafe chasing ghosts.

A madman appears @ the window. 

He has unkempt hair, a radical beard, and shit and sweat stains on all items of his clothing.

He is clearly a “madman”.

He walks up to this cafe and proceeds to “groom” himself, table by table.

Clearly this is “against the rules”.

He is asked to leave, (not just the cafe, but the entire vicinity)

The customers were “disgusted” and “uncomfortable”.

He (the Madman), leaves – very angry.

He proceeds to step boldly into the rush hour traffic (mere paces from a pedestrian crossing) on Sunset Blvd on a Friday evening – Certain Death by Rush Hour  Traffic- (CDxRHT- check it-wicked).

Each and every vehicle stopped by way of emergency.

Some drivers even laid down their hand held communication devices.

He “invented” the rules by taking a single step.

So he did.


Making up the rules as they go along.

You could take over the entire world on that principle.




I’ll bet anyone that the “madman” I watched today served in Vietnam. 

I’ll just bet you.



today in LA part 01

Posted in preTea on September 5, 2008 by bonharris

This is a story in several parts. Bear with me if you will. It started with dodgekas and Beethoven. 

I decided (was forced), to look into that kid “Louis Van” and his modus operandi.

This obviously necessitated  going 12 rounds with the “Mohamed (sic) Ali” of vodka bottles, a ream of score, and some kind of sound transmission device. 

I am here to tell you I battled stoutly for the full duration.

The result was never in doubt.

Towards the scrag end of the 12th round, we were both battered and bleeding.  The “Ali” of vodka bottles, (floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee), was towering over me, glowering –

“get up you ugly bear” etc and repeating this.

I might have conceded that he may have the cornerstone of a point.. (laying as I was, on the floor of my own kitchen – I had a tough choice – to shield my eyes with my gloves, from the harsh glare of reality, OR to fight back.)  

From my prone position, seemingly bested, I countered.

“Oh yeah tough guy? EXACTLY HOW did Beethoven instrumentally distribute the cadential chords AFTER the initial statement of the primary motif in the first movement of the fifth symphony?”

I won by a knockout.

Might is not right.

Reading is sexy.

Nerds rule.


Posted in preTea on August 31, 2008 by bonharris

These would be home concocted and administered vodka cocktails.
They are made from vodka.
They are dodgey.
This post is a bit of a test.
I’m having computer issues.(At this rate my entire life may well qualify as a large computer issue)
So, I’m posting this from my blackberry.
On my couch.
After many dodgekas.
I’m, like, so totally connected.
And shit.


Posted in preTea on August 22, 2008 by bonharris

I’m currently holding a ruler.

This means I’m writing music.

With a pencil.

On paper.

This means I’m racking my brains.

Learning all the while.

And I love it.